Tribal-Glam Jewelry & Laser Cut Treasures

My studio travels with me while I am on tour with my dance projects. I mine the cities and villages that I visit for interesting ethnographic and antique jewelry, tools, bits and baubles and set up shop with fellow designers, in friends homes, or hotel rooms.

While its challenging to travel with supplies, it is worth it! The most exciting part of traveling w/ in tow, is that I often set up with fellow designers- in their studios sharing ideas, history, material management, muses, and process.

A reciprocal osmosis happens when I work and talk with other artists. We could talk or write, but actually making our work while talking and observing creates a much deeper and intuitive understanding of our work, and fuels the fires.

A special thanks to these incredible designers, teachers and all around brilliant artisans! Check out their work- Truly Stunning

Lee Kobus' Foolproof Studios<br />
Rose Harden's Rose Hips Designs<br />
Duane Barger┬žion_id=12707041 />
Medina Maitreya Designs />
Dusty Paik owner/ Operator SNAKE CHURCH

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